You can now order online with e-GIFT CARDS!

e-GIFT CARDS The perfect gift for friends!

Anyone can use these handy gift cards to order Domino’s Pizza online.

Purchase an e-GIFT CARD
Click here to for card balance and history.
  • e-GIFT CARD ¥3,000
  • e-GIFT CARD ¥5,000
※The e-GIFT CARD can be used for online orders at any Domino’s Pizza store in Japan.

How the e-GIFT CARD works

  1. Buy a card.
  2. Give it as a gift.
  3. Go online to order pizza from Domino’s Pizza.
  4. Enter the e-GIFT CARD number.
  5. Get pizza.

How to use the e-GIFT CARD

How to use the e-GIFT CARD
  1. 1At the checkout screen, select “Yes” under “Using an e-GIFT CARD?”.
  2. 2You will then be asked to enter information about the e-GIFT CARD. Enter the card number and PIN number on the back of the card.
  3. 3Click the “Available funds” button to see the card’s remaining balance.
  4. 4Enter a yen amount in “Purchase Amount” up to the balance amount.
  5. 5Click “Confirm” to confirm the details you’ve entered.
  6. 6If the information you entered is correct, click the “Proceed to Review Order” button at the bottom of the screen to see the details of your order, and then click “Order” to complete the process.
Click here for e-GIFT CARD terms of use.